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Care homes are for people needing assistance with daily living tasks such as, washing, dressing, bathing, mobility etc. They provide personal care much as a caring relative would at home. The local Doctor and District Nurse provide health care as if the residents were in their own home.

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Care homes with Nursing or as they are more popularily known nursing homes, look after the more dependent person who may be immobile or unable to eat without help. They often provide convalescent care after hospital treatment. As their name implies, nursing homes are staffed by a mix of qualified nurses and nursing auxiliaries. Dual registered homes are registered both as nursing homes and care homes.

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Specialist homes are registered either as nursing homes or care homes and this is determined by the level of care that is required. Apart from the elderly and infirm they also care for people of all ages from adults to babies. They are often equipped with special facilities for people with particular needs whose requirements cover a whole spectrum of physical and mental disabilities. Such as learning difficulties, alzheimers, dementia, physical disablement, sight impairment, eating disorders and brain injuries.

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